Tasmania Escorts – 3 Surprising Ways the Summer Can Affect Your Sex Drive

Tasmania Escorts
Tasmania Escorts

Don’t you know that the weather can affect everything from your mood to your sex drive? Yes, sex and health experts say that during the summer season, there seems to be something nice about the  weather that gets us a little more interested in love, and lust! According to condom brand Trojan’s “Degrees of Pleasure” survey, those living in hot climates had more sex than those living in chillier locations. Read on to find a few of the many surprising ways the summer can affect your sex drive.

Mood and Clothing Play a Role

Just what makes the summer so hot and sizzling, so much that you’d like to see ladies as hot and sizzling as the Tasmania Escorts more often? Well, during this hot season, heat waves generally mean less clothes around you, which makes the sexual cues more pronounced in the summer!

Some sex experts and scientists even call summer a period of great “sexualization of the environment” which basically means more bikinis, short shorts and muscle shirts. And even if you may not be thinking  about sex, the more seductive clothing that’s typical of summer may unwittingly increase your sex drive!

The Serotonin Can Make You Feel More Frisky

Sunlight packs a lot of Vitamin D, but that’s not all to it. According to health experts at the Harvard Medical School, the serotonin boost we get from the hot summer sun  helps us experience pleasure in all sorts of ways. So, as our serotonin levels rise, we may be all feeling more frisky and more open to sexual experiences.

The Excess Vitamin D Can Make You Horny Too

And yeah, since there’s just too much sunshine during the summer,  the excess vitamin D you get from constant sun exposure can make you horny too. A noted sexologist says that testosterone levels in men’s blood rise accordingly with doses of vitamin D.

This vital nutrient is produced in the body after exposure to sunlight, and it can also be obtained from eating oily fish and meat. And when it comes to sex, a group of Austrian researchers found that men with more vitamin D had much more of the male sex hormone testosterone circulating in their bodies, than those with less vitamin D. This means that their bodies are primed for  a lot of sex!

So, if it’s hot and sweaty during the summer, who says that you should be spending more time indoors, when you can have a lot of fun outside, especially if you’re with ladies as hot and sexy as the Tasmania Escorts!

Tasmania Escorts – Breathing Exercises That Can Lead to Better Sex

Tasmania Escorts
Tasmania Escorts

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Tasmania Escorts – 3 Kinky Sex Positions That Guarantee Longer-Lasting Trysts

Tasmania Escorts
Tasmania Escorts

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The Be Mine Makeout

Here’s one kinky technique that you could try out tonight, when you meet up with the hot and sexy Tasmania Escorts, so that you’ll once again remember how hot the good old humping makeout sessions used to be! Continue reading “Tasmania Escorts – 3 Kinky Sex Positions That Guarantee Longer-Lasting Trysts”