3 More Sex Positions That Offer Intense G-Spot Orgasms

Tasmania Escorts
Tasmania Escorts

Few female body parts have inspired, or spawned, as much debate as the – G-spot! Well, this elusive erogenous zone is what sex experts and many women say is located about a third of the way inside the vagina, on the front vaginal wall. And when this button-sized spot is properly stimulated, it can reportedly lead to waves of intense sensation! Thus, here are a couple of sex positions that many sex experts say is perfect for achieving intense G-spot orgasms.

Face Down
This unique variation of the doggy style is close, comfy and G-spot friendly, and is sure to be truly enjoyed by the lovely and alluring Tasmania Escorts, because it can create a sensation which leads to a climax that almost feels similar to when she has to have to urinate!

To do this, she lies down face on the bed with her legs tightly closed. You straddle her with your legs outstretched, entering her from behind. With her legs pressed together, her vagina will feel snug, and your dick will easily rub against her G-spot!

The Scissor
Try this move if you and your lady are feeling adventurous. While you rest on your back, she positions herself on her side or stomach, scissoring her legs together so your bodies meet at the pelvic region, your heads on opposite sides.

She will be able to ride your penis to move it into space that hits the magic spot. Scissoring is a great yet underutilized position which lets you both get creative, and it also allows her to experience some pretty incredible G-spot bliss!

Modified Missionary
To do the modified missionary, your lady props up her butt with a few fluffy pillows, bends her knees and places her feet flat on the bed. As you enter her, you will be at a higher angle than the usual, thanks to the pillows.

You should also urge your hookup mate, or your favourite Tasmania Escorts, to tilt her pelvis even more, so that your penis rubs against her front vaginal wall and G-spot with each motion! Thus, you get to be in charge of all the bumping and grinding, while she lies back and revels in all that pleasurable G-spot sensations!

Top 6 Secrets to Texting Your Crush and Getting Her to Notice You

Tasmania Escorts
Tasmania Escorts

Nowadays, the easiest and perhaps most effective way to get someone’s attention – including your crush, resemblance to one of the Tasmania escorts you see online notwithstanding – is texting. No matter where she is, if there’s a working cell tower nearby, she’s sure to receive your message.

You already know that texting has its pros and cons. Besides being convenient, texting is very affordable these days, and it isn’t limited to one’s location – barring low to non-existent cellular service. It’s also a medium you can use to say things that are difficult to say in person. At the same time, tone can be lost, leading to misunderstandings.

That doesn’t detract from text’s ability to get a conversation going, and your main concern, really, is how to keep your crush interested in what you have to say. Here are a few tips to help you in that regard.

1. Introduce yourself. Even a simple “hi” will do, with or without a smiley-face emoji. You can even tack on a longer question at the end. Just make sure it’s an open-ended question so that you don’t get one-word answers. Those aren’t the best for gauging if she’s interested in having a conversation with you or not.

2. Show her a funny meme. This is a great way to start a conversation without looking too forward or ‘sounding’ awkward. Nobody dislikes funny memes, really, and she’ll be grateful for the laughter it caused.

3. Ask about her day. Whether she replies with a whole paragraph or leaves you to tease the story out of her, the fact remains that you asked after her. This shows that you care about what’s going on in her day-to-day life.

4. Ask about her favourite pastimes. When you show an interest in her hobbies and pastimes, it’ll be easier for her to open up to you. You likely won’t have to coax her as much since, generally, people enjoy talking about things they enjoy.

5. Show that you care. Remind her to bring an umbrella if it looks like it’s going to rain, for example, or tell her to stay hydrated while working out at the gym. She may already know what she needs to do – but having someone point them out to her lets her know that you care about her.

6. Celebrate her achievements. Most people can expect just their family, friends, and co-workers to notice, not to mention care about their achievements. So, if she mentions, say, finishing a project or bagging a new client, congratulate her. It’ll be surprising for her in a good way.

Remember that texting isn’t a replacement for talking with people, though it is quite helpful. In the same way, hiring Tasmania escorts isn’t the same as having a relationship, but it’s quite close. Just remember these tips to texting your crush, though, and if you play your cards right, you’ll find yourself in a relationship before long.

Tasmania Escorts – Three Tips For Better Dirty Talking

Tasmania Escorts
Tasmania Escorts

Tasmania Escorts – Three Tips For Better Dirty Talking

Talking dirty is an act, and one that requires practice. Just because you feel awkward doing so at first doesn’t mean you’ll never be good at it. Even the gorgeous vixens at Tasmania Escorts had to keep working at getting better at what they do – that is, providing companionship for various people regardless of the event and location.

Obviously, that’s different from dirty talk, but both still need you to practice if you want to improve. You can’t just sit there and hope that, one day, you’ll come out with a dirty one-liner that’ll help your partner get ready for some frisky fun under the sheets.

But what if you already have an idea of what to say? You can’t just look your partner in the eye and say them. There’s no one right way to talk dirty, but there are a few guidelines you can use to make sure you don’t ruin the mood or just cause both of you to double over laughing.
1. Whisper in her ear. If you want to avoid potential embarrassment – especially if you’re new to the dirty talk game – there’s nothing quite like getting close enough to whisper a line or two into your partner’s ear. Don’t rush; a soft, slow whisper is often best.

2. Send the line through text. You don’t need to be in the same room to talk dirty. That’s why sexting is a thing, and it may as well be what’s missing from your sex life. Anticipation can be the last piece of the sexy puzzle that is your girl’s arousal, so sending her a naughty text or two is a great way to prepare her for some sexy time.

3. Time it right. You can’t just talk dirty any time you want to. If your partner is engaged in something else like after-dinner chores, she won’t be paying much attention to you. Then if you need to repeat yourself, the moment will be gone, and you obviously don’t want that to happen.

As far as dirty talk is concerned, just keep in mind what your partner finds arousing, and what you want her to do to you. You don’t need to use fancy words – just let your partner know what’s on your mind.

Of course, if you’re still single, there’s always the lovely babes at Tasmania Escorts to help you improve your dirty talk game.