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Tasmania Escorts – Breathing Exercises That Can Lead to Better Sex

Do you know that breathing is one of the keys to better sex? Yes, health and sex experts say that breathing is like the siren going off in your body. So, if you’re breathing is screwy, then there could be sinister forces at play in your body, like stress, anxiety and tension, and none of […]

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Tasmania Escorts – 3 Kinky Sex Positions That Guarantee Longer-Lasting Trysts

Have you ever longed to indulge in some decadent, slow burning sex? According to erotic experts, long-lasting sex is not necessarily about longer P-in-V but it’s all about extending the whole experience and luxuriating in that intimate, sensual place together. Here’s a look at 3 kinky sex positions that guarantee longer-lasting trysts. The Be Mine […]

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Tasmania Escorts – New Study Says That You Can Have the Best Sex in Your Life, When You Reach 46!

When’s the best time to have sex? Well, that depends on whether you prefer doing it during the day, or night. However, when can you have the best sex in your life? Well, according to research done by science-based website Happify, which surveyed people from all stages in life, people have the best sex of […]

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