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Tasmania Escorts – One in a Thousand People Experience Sex Headaches During Coitus, New Study Reveals

For most people, pleasure is perhaps the only thing on their mind when their sexual arousal heats up. However, for some people the pain literally interrupts the party, because at least 1% of adults today experience coital cephalalgia, or “sex headaches”, or head pain that occurs before, during or after orgasm! Here’s what you need […]

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Tasmania Escorts – 3 Surprising Ways the Summer Can Affect Your Sex Drive

Don’t you know that the weather can affect everything from your mood to your sex drive? Yes, sex and health experts say that during the summer season, there seems to be something nice about the  weather that gets us a little more interested in love, and lust! According to condom brand Trojan’s “Degrees of Pleasure” […]

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Tasmania Escorts – Breathing Exercises That Can Lead to Better Sex

Do you know that breathing is one of the keys to better sex? Yes, health and sex experts say that breathing is like the siren going off in your body. So, if you’re breathing is screwy, then there could be sinister forces at play in your body, like stress, anxiety and tension, and none of […]

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