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3 More Sex Positions That Offer Intense G-Spot Orgasms

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Few female body parts have inspired, or spawned, as much debate as the – G-spot! Well, this elusive erogenous zone is what sex experts and many women say is located about a third of the way inside the vagina, on the front vaginal wall. And when this button-sized spot is properly stimulated, it can reportedly lead to waves of intense sensation! Thus, here are a couple of sex positions that many sex experts say is perfect for achieving intense G-spot orgasms.

Face Down
This unique variation of the doggy style is close, comfy and G-spot friendly, and is sure to be truly enjoyed by the lovely and alluring Tasmania Escorts, because it can create a sensation which leads to a climax that almost feels similar to when she has to have to urinate!

To do this, she lies down face on the bed with her legs tightly closed. You straddle her with your legs outstretched, entering her from behind. With her legs pressed together, her vagina will feel snug, and your dick will easily rub against her G-spot!

The Scissor
Try this move if you and your lady are feeling adventurous. While you rest on your back, she positions herself on her side or stomach, scissoring her legs together so your bodies meet at the pelvic region, your heads on opposite sides.

She will be able to ride your penis to move it into space that hits the magic spot. Scissoring is a great yet underutilized position which lets you both get creative, and it also allows her to experience some pretty incredible G-spot bliss!

Modified Missionary
To do the modified missionary, your lady props up her butt with a few fluffy pillows, bends her knees and places her feet flat on the bed. As you enter her, you will be at a higher angle than the usual, thanks to the pillows.

You should also urge your hookup mate, or your favourite Tasmania Escorts, to tilt her pelvis even more, so that your penis rubs against her front vaginal wall and G-spot with each motion! Thus, you get to be in charge of all the bumping and grinding, while she lies back and revels in all that pleasurable G-spot sensations!

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