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3 More Sex Positions For Beginners

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Tired of the same old missionary? Jush it up with positions that’ll make you love sex even more. Here are some positions you need to cross off your checklist:

In Chair

Suffice to say, you’ll need a comfy and sturdy chair for this. Armrests, optional. There are at least two variations to which you can perform this position. If you’re having second thoughts, you can run it first with the lovely Tasmania escorts and see how you would fare.

Here’s the first way: you sit on the chair and she straddles you (chairs without armrests preferred). It’s like the girl on top but your legs are angled so the penetration is shallower. To make the sensations more intense, stretch your legs out to form a diagonal line. Another thing you can try is with her legs folded with you supporting her in the buttocks. Make her go up and down your shaft for a deeper and straighter angle of penetration.

The second way is with your lady love spread nicely on the chair and you on top. Here you can be very creative thrusting in her. Do it with both feet firmly planted on the floor with your legs at least half a feet apart or keep them tightly together for a sharper angle.

Pillow Missionary

Missionary is not the most popular sex position for nothing. While missionary may be shunned for wilder-looking sex positions, variations of it shouldn’t fall into that category. Case in point: missionary with a pillow.

Your girl lies down with a pillow on her lower back. Enter her as you would during a normal missionary. This is very effective for clitoral stimulation and you will feel your lady love writhe in no time. Advance tip: grind more, thrust less.


This is an excellent variation of doggy style. You enter her from behind but make sure you’re on your knees. She needs to arch her back in order for you to fully realize this position. And instead of being on her elbows, she needs to rest her face on the bed. Slowly enter her and increase the speed of your thrust as she accommodates you.

While beginners can easily do this, it’ll take some time to perfect the position and get the sex going. We recommend you practice on Tasmania escorts first.


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