Tasmania Escorts – UK Sex Toy Retailer Reveals That People are Only Having Sex for 19 Minutes

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Tasmania Escorts

If you have a co-worker, or a neighbour, who keeps on bragging that he can last 30 minutes or an hour in bed, perhaps you should view his pronouncements as plain “rubbish”. This is because a new online poll conducted by Lovehoney, a popular British sex toy retailer, has found out that people today are actually only having sex for just 19 minutes, with ten minutes already spent on foreplay!

Only 15% of Women Wanted the Sex to Last Longer
How long do you really last in bed? Perhaps we should be asking your hookup buddies, or even your favourite Tasmania Escorts, to spill the beans on your bedroom performance! Lovehoney, the British sex toy retailer, actually surveyed 4,400 people, and found out that on average people (or shall I say only the “Brits”?) are having sex for 19 minutes!

Around 23% of the men surveyed also said that they thought the sex was over too soon, while only 15% of women wanted it to last longer (which means that 85% of female respondents found the sexual intercourse to be “too long”!).

Another 52% of those surveyed said that 19 minutes was the perfect amount of time for them, while 89% of respondents said that they managed to have an orgasm as the same time at least once.

A US Magazine Survey Says That Sex Lasts for Just 6 Minutes
The British sex survey is just a few of the latest data on the subject matter of sexual longevity, as other figures have varied greatly. For example, a New York magazine survey done in 2015 reported that most researchers noted that sex only lasts an average of six minutes. But in another survey done by Fox News in 2007, around 80% of men and women both wanted sex to last at least 30 minutes!

While the world may never have an answer for how long most sex sessions last, at least the sex experts agree that the ideal time is a matter of personal preference and experience. But hey, who cares how long you last in bed, as long as you’re happy and enjoying your time with your hookup buddies, as well as with your favourite Tasmania Escorts!