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Tasmania Escorts – The Best and Most Comfy Positions for Beach Sex

Tasmania Escorts

Tasmania Escorts

Of all the places outdoors where one can indulge in some erotic fun, perhaps getting it on in the beach is one of the most challenging, because a passionate seaside romp can be hot, humid and literally filled with sand! But by employing certain sex positions for the beach, the whole experience can be hot, and exciting and sand-burn free! Here’s a look at a few of the best positions for beach sex.

Standing Up Sex

Before we go any further with talk about beach sex, remember that this activity is totally illegal unless you’re filthy rich, and happen to have a private beach all to yourself and your hookup buddy, or your favourite Tasmania Escorts!

But if you can find a quiet spot away from the crowd, standing up sex might be the best way to go. At night, you can look out for a lifeguard stand for your lady to lean on, and you can penetrate her from behind, or you can face each other with a little more support!

Get on Top

In this beach sex position, your lady gets on top of you and rides you, which is quite simple to do on the beach. However, you should first find a private area on the beach, or wait for any time after sunset.

Your lady sits on your lap upright, while straddling and using a grinding motion. Or, she can try the same moves, but facing away. This will keep sand from getting into her private areas, plus it will look like you’re both simply admiring the ocean view!

Face Each Other

Face each other laying on your sides, and have one partner wrap their leg around the other individual. Since your body movement will be limited, your lady could add a small finger vibe, so you can both spend time exploring each other’s bodies, as well as learn different sensations!

So, if you and your girlfriend, or lovely Tasmania Escorts, are up to the beach sex challenge, make sure you keep these sex positions in mind!

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