Tasmania Escorts – Sex Tips That Were Greatly Inspired by the Game of Thrones

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Tasmania Escorts

If you have cable TV at home, then it’s very likely that you’ve seen a few, or all, of the episodes of the very popular HBO series Game of Thrones! The Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama TV series created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, and is an adaptation of A Song of Fire and Ice, which is George R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels. And since the show has a lot of sexy (and utterly sleazy scenes), it’s no wonder that a lot of cool sex tips were inspired by the show. Here are a few of the sex tips that were greatly inspired by GOT.

Use Sex as a Bribe
Since the show is about kings and queens, and violent quests for power and fame, it’s quite normal for the bigwigs to use sex as a bribe. Hence, make out like Cersei and start trading sexual favours for household chores or spots in the Small Council! Perhaps you could do some Game of Thrones role-playing with your hookup partner, or lovely and sexy Tasmania Escorts tonight!

Give a Detailed Lesson Describing Exactly What You Want Done to You
Have you ever noticed that when the characters in the show make love, they always give the other a detailed lesson, and describe exactly what they want don to them! Hence, you could say to your partner “touch here first, then here, then over there, then bring me a glass of Dornish Red and pour it all over my body”!

Make Good Use of Fire
And since the night is dark, and there are a lot of “hostiles” out there, it would be best to light a fire to ‘protect yourself, or perhaps to set the erotic mood! Just make sure you use protection, because R’hllor knows that you don’t want to deal with any accidental pregnancies!

Take a Bath Together
As in nearly all movies or TV shows which featured kings and queens, and anything which reminds you of the Middle Ages, most shows will feature hordes of people, both men and women, taking a bath together!

Thus, take a bath together with your hookup buddy, or with your favourite Tasmania Escorts, because that will really give the whole situation a nice “forbidden fruit” vibe!