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Tasmania Escorts – Secrets to Flirting when She’s Already Taken

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So there’s a certain babe you like – it’s only natural that you’d feel attracted to at least one – but what are the chances that she likes you back, especially if she’s already in a relationship? Is there still hope for you or is it better to go chasing other prospects? Experts – including some of the lovely babes at Tasmania Escorts – say that there’s a chance, even a small one.

However, getting her to like you more than she likes her current partner will be tricky. If you want to give it a shot, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

1. Make sure she knows that you know. Flirting in good fun is perfectly fine, and that’s what this tip is about. When you make it obvious you know she’s taken, chances are your flirting won’t make her feel uncomfortable around you. Saying something like “I wish I could go out with you, but since you’ve got a boyfriend, I’d better not risk it.” This shows you’re a good person, given that you respect boundaries.

2. Make dates, but break them soon after. Since it already appears as if you’re flirting with her for fun, there’s no harm in asking her out to dinner on a Friday night. She already knows you’re not out to steal someone else’s partner. Make sure you sound as nonchalant as when you’re joke-flirting with her, though look serious enough to make her wonder if you really are asking her out.

At some point, the uncertainty will make her wonder what would happen if she went out with you even once.

3. Have that serious talk. Once you’ve had your fun, you’ll want to find a way to let her know that you actually are serious, and that the only thing keeping you from making a date and actually keeping it is the fact that she’s taken. Let her know that you’d be the first bloke to ask her out if she decides to break up with her current partner.

Don’t wait to hear her answer, though; just excuse yourself politely. Your seriousness will be enough to really get her thinking.

Not sure you can flirt ‘properly’, let alone turn on the charm around the ladies, or just need some company? Browse the gallery at Tasmania Escorts to find the perfect courtesan for you!

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