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It’s highly likely you know by now that women take more time to climax, and you know that they also need more time to become aroused enough. The lovely vixens featured in the pages of Tasmania Escorts are no doubt skilled in bed, but that won’t mean they’re exceptions to the rule. So how can you get her ready for that steamy session?

The answer is simple: lots and lots of foreplay. So here are a few tips that will help make it sizzle without you having to try too hard.

1. Don’t use too much pressure. Use a touch that’s barely there; it helps build anticipation and, in effect, turns her on more. Trail a finger around her breasts, for example, instead of fondling her nipples directly. This will make her want you to touch her more, and when you don’t at first, the waiting will drive her crazy and add to her arousal.

When she’s more aroused, you can use more pressure. As long as you keep it light in the beginning, you should be fine.

2. Explore. Go beyond your comfort zone, whatever it is, when it comes to teasing and touching your partner in bed. Don’t jump directly to her privates from her boobs, for example. Instead, slowly make your way down her torso so you can find the unique spots that turn her on.

Don’t focus on just one area, either, and use your tongue, lips, fingers, and even a sex toy. When she knows her partner is giving his all to help her get off, she’ll become even more aroused. For her, giving is sexy.

3. Mix it up. If you use the same moves with every partner you hook with, it will get boring for her. Remember that the same tricks won’t turn every babe on. Do what feels right instead of following a formula. Otherwise, she’ll think she’s making love to a robot

Do you want to improve your foreplay moves – and your bedroom moves, for that matter – but don’t have a committed partner yet? Don’t worry. Just browse the gallery at Tasmania Escorts to find the best courtesan for you, today!

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