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Tasmania Escorts – 4 More Types of Sex That Most People Will Do in Their Lifetime

Tasmania Escorts

Tasmania Escorts

How often do you have sex? Or, for a much better question, how many types of sex have you ever done in your lifetime?! Yes, according to sex and relationship experts, there are various types of sex that couples will likely have in their lifetime, or throughout the course of their relationships. Here’s a fun and no-nonsense look at a few of them.

Holiday Sex

If your love affair, or erotic life, is starting to feel stale, perhaps it’s time to visit, or revisit, some of the sexual scenarios that you’ve probably been missing out for quite some time already, and one of it is – holiday sex! I guess on your next holiday soon, you should be tagging along with you ladies as hot as the Tasmania Escorts, if only to make your holiday more fun and exciting!

What’s so nice about holiday sex is that during these times, you are not working, and you’ve already watched Home Alone or American Pie at least three times already. And provided you’re not full of leftover food, sex during the holidays is the best way to spend a free afternoon!

“Let’s Try Something New” Sex

This type of sex almost always involves some Googling, or a trip to a nearby sex shop. However, all of it should be worth the effort, because you and your partner are kind of giddy, and would most likely feel reminiscent of your first time getting it on!

‘Shhh…Don’t Let Anyone Hear Us’ Sex

Remember when you were in college? Whether you got roommates, kids, or just really thin walls, moan-free shagging can still be definitely hot!

‘Doing it Because it’s Been Awhile’ Sex

Whether you’re blaming it on work, stress, kids or business, the truth is that even in the best of times, time slips by and you’re just too freaking exhausted to do anything more than cuddle! But still, you don’t want to worry about what this might mean for your relationship, or your sex life, s you proceed to get it on, albeit groggily!

So, if you feel like you’re in a sexual rut of sorts, why not try out some, or all, of these types of sex, with ladies as hot and sizzling like the Tasmania Escorts!

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