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Tasmania Escorts – 3 Visually-Appealing Sex Positions for Those Who Like to Watch

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Tasmania Escorts

When it comes to hot sex ideas, nothing is hotter than the two of you in the throes, as appreciating those gorgeous visuals lets you and your partner be a voyeur and/or exhibitionist at the same time! Here’s a look at 3 visually-appealing sex positions for those who like to watch.

The Subjugation
Have you ever tried having ex in front of a mirror with your hookup mates, or with your favourite Tasmania Escorts? Perhaps you should try doing it tonight! Sex in front of a mirror is just so hot, but you and your lady can give it a toss by bending over a bathroom sink and watching in the vanity mirror as you take her from behind!

She can then watch your eyes start to lose focus as you get closer, and as you slowly pull her head back by the hair and tell her filthy things. But if your lady wants to be in charge and be the one saying all the filthy stuff, then by all means let her do so!

The Couch Curl
In the Couch Curl, you kneel while your lady sits back on the couch with her butt at the edge, feet over your shoulders. She can watch you slide into her, although it would be much better if you take her at an excruciatingly slow pace. And when your lady can’t take it anymore, she could reach down to stroke herself, and this should help make the view that much better for you!

The Box Seat
If you’re watching her, but she honestly doesn’t care all that much, then perhaps she could give you a private show! Next, she straddles you, facing her feet and then she lies forward onto your elbows.

Next, she shakes her ass as she rides you, pausing every once in a while to withdraw almost completely so she can watch and feel you taking her again! I bet after reading, you’d be raring to try any, or all, of these visually-appealing sex positions tonight with the hot and sizzling Tasmania Escorts!

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