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Tasmania Escorts – 3 Good Questions to Ask Every New Sex Partner

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When it comes to talk about sex, there’s this widespread misconception that we should not discuss it openly, even with the people you’re having sex with, at least not before you have it, or else you will “ruin the moment”. However, the truth is that the only way to have good sex is to talk about it. And since everyone’s different, there’s just no way to know what your partner wants unless you ask. Here’s a look at a couple of good questions to ask every new sex partner.

What Kind of Porn Do You Like?

If you tend to stick to general questions such as “What turns you on?” or “What’s your favourite sex position?”, such broad questions are likely to elicit surface-level responses like “I like candlelight” or “I really like oral sex”.  You should remember that communication is the cornerstone of social interaction. So, whether you’re with a new partner, or you’re with your favourite Tasmania Escorts, always make it a habit to communicate in bed!

Asking your partner “What kind of porn do you like watching?”  would be a more specific question, and the more specific you can get, the more you will understand what turns your partner on.  Now you know why it pays to keep probing further!

How Will We Prevent STI’s or Pregnancy?

You certainly don’t want to find yourself in a hot and steamy situation, just to hear your partner say that she’s never tried a dude who used condoms in her life! To prevent this from happening, discuss in advance what you’re both willing to use to prevent pregnancy or sexually-transmitted infections. This will also tell you whether someone truly respects your physical health and boundaries before you sleep with them.

Do You Want to Try X?

And to make sure no boundaries are crossed, ensure that you talk in advance what each of you would like to a tee, and then ask again in the moment to see if they want it right then. Remember that consent is sexy, and it makes the sex hotter too, as well as more fulfilling.

Don’t hold back on asking any new partner new sex questions, because if you’re not comfortable discussing these topics with your new partner, then you are not comfortable having sex with them at all!

But then again, if you’re with your favourite Tasmania Escorts, you’ll surely be more than comfortable in asking them any question you like, because you simply love being with them!

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