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Tasmania Escorts – 3 Common Medications That May Ruin or Hamper Your Sex Life

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I guess all doctors know (and I think many of us laymen too) that from nausea to rashes to drowsiness, most medications can cause certain side effects. For some common prescriptions, this can even mean literally screwing your erection, orgasm, or worse even your sex drive!  Keep reading to see a few list of common medications that may cause problems for you in bed, and what you can do to put an end to those side effects.

Sleeping Pills

Steer clear of popping any of the sleeping pill meds sold in pharmacies, especially if you’re planning a hot romp in the sack with the hot and sexy Tasmania Escorts tonight! It’s because sleeping pills like Trazodone are antidepressants and sedatives that are often prescribed to help people fall asleep!

A 2015 study found out that 10 out of 13 patients who took Trazodone dropped out because of side effects including prolonged erections. If you stay hard for that long, it means that blood can get trapped in your dick, and without treatment it could lead to priapism, which can lead to severe pain, tissue damage and even permanent erectile dysfunction!


Painkillers or opioids can also impair your brain’s chemicals which tell your testicles to produce testosterone. And of course, low testosterone can also kill your libido, and your erection as well!

But if you need to take prescription painkillers, you could perhaps ask your doctor to check your testosterone levels first. You may need to take both the pain meds and testosterone to balance the two out!

Blood Pressure Meds

Some medicines for high blood pressure like diuretics and beta blockers can also cause ED, as they lower BP by interfering with your sympathetic nervous system, while diuretics help relax blood vessel walls.

However, there are drugs that lower blood pressure without making you, and your favourite Tasmania Escorts, whine in disgust. Just ask your doctor about ARBs, ACE inhibitors or calcium channel blockers!

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