Tasmania Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for Guys With Back Pain

Tasmania Escorts
Tasmania Escorts

Is back pain (or some other form of body pain) giving you the jitters, because it could possibly wreck your sex life? Yes, back pain can certainly turn “aah” sounds into “ouch”, and of course sex will no longer be pleasurable and fun if you have terrible back pain! Here’s a look at a few of the best sex positions for guys who suffer from back pain.

You on Top Using Your Hips and Knees
Since certain positions can aggravate back pain, leaving you unhappy and angry, and that includes your preferred Tasmania Escorts, the good thing is that there are a number of sex positions that can help you get back on track, by performing exceptionally well in bed!

And one of those positions include You on Top Using Your Hips and Knees! Now why is this ideal for guys who have back pain? Well, it’s because it’s you who controls the activity by using your knees and hips, and not your spine!

Missionary, with the Guy on His Hands
This move is hailed as a spine-sparing approach for flexion-intolerant men. In this tweak of the missionary, the guy supports his upper body with his hands, and the woman’s hips and knees are slightly flexed.

Reverse Missionary
If a guy has a bad back, he should lie down with his woman on top, as this will help him to keep his back straight, and there would be no back pain and straining. The health experts also add that even if you have back pain, these additional steps will help ease your back pain.

For starters, before having sex perform basic stretches for opening up the muscles and for enhancing your flexibility. Pillows can be opted for when you feel like using them too, and in case of chronic back pain avoid having sex. Avoid bending too if possible.

But then again, if you’re with ladies as hot and sexy as the Tasmania Escorts, I guess no amount of back pain is going to stop you from having a lot of erotic fun with them!

Tasmania Escorts – 3 Great Things to do After Sex

Tasmania Escorts
Tasmania Escorts

If you need advice on this thing called sex, well there’s a whole industry that’s currently devoted to telling, and teaching, you how to be better in bed. Like, go to the nearest book shop or sex store online and offline, and you’ll see instruction manuals, videos made by well-meaning sex gurus and counsellors who seem to think that lube and sensual massage are the keys to everything! But, what should you be doing after sex? Well, here are a couple of great things to do once the adrenaline subsides and your breathing returns to normal.

Give Some Feedback

What’s the best thing for you and your girlfriend, or the lovely Tasmania Escorts, to do after you’re done making love? Well, it’s time to ask each other “How was it for you?” According to sex experts, feedback is important for most things, and if the feedback’s constructive, it can guarantee you a good time, every time!

Thus, don’t be afraid to say what you liked, or what you would like to try out next time. However, don’t go full-on like a disgruntled holidaymaker on TripAdvisor, but instead focus on the positives, like tell each other how great it was, what you liked and what you don’t like to do again.  Giving feedback is actually a wonderful way to build intimacy once it’s over!

Go Straight to Sleep

Scientists have, for centuries, been falling over themselves to explain why men are prone to falling asleep quickly within seconds of ejaculation. Most scientists however blame hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin, because they make you relax and sleepy. So, if you and your partner feel like it’s time to go to sleep already, then by all means please do so!

Go to the Gym

Seriously, if you can still stand up after a round or two, or more, you may be energized enough to hit the gym. Some health experts say that higher testosterone levels after sex mean you can go all-out in the gym after and help with muscle building.

But, please don’t bolt out the door straight away, because you will need to recharge slightly, if only to ensure you can do a full workout, and you won’t be pissing off your hookup mate, or your favourite Tasmania Escorts. Or better, why don’t you do it again!

4 Obvious Signs She’s After Your Attention and Not You

Tasmania Escorts
Tasmania Escorts

It’s true that love can be a pain, for various reasons – some of which could lead men to stop playing the dating game and relying on, say, Tasmania escorts for company and affection. That doesn’t mean you have to do the same, of course.

The usual route to a committed relationship usually involves flirting with a girl, getting her to warm up to you, and eventually getting her to say ‘yes’ to dating you exclusively. However, that’s all easier said than done. There are just some ladies who aren’t ready for a relationship, no matter how charming you are or how much they enjoy your company.

On the other hand, there are ladies who keep you guessing and a deliberately coy with their answer – because they’re in the dating game only for the attention they can get from blokes who are interested. Yes, it sounds callous, but it’s true. So how can you tell it’s not your paranoia acting up and she’s really just after the ego boost you give her?

1. She’s often on her phone. While it’s quite normal for people to always have their phones out, given how handy they are, there’s still an unspoken rule about putting such gadgets away when on a date with someone. If she can’t seem to put her phone down, that defeats the purpose of spending time together, and she feels she’s better off doing something else that doesn’t include you tagging along.

2. She changes her mind very easily. She agreed to go out on, say, Wednesday night, but as early as Tuesday night to as late as Wednesday afternoon, she tells you she can’t make it and gives you all sorts of excuses for not being able to.

The first time it happens, you let it go because there are things she can’t control. But if it happens every time you’re supposed to go on a date, it’s more likely that’s she’s just playing you.

3. She hasn’t told anyone you’re dating. It’s natural to want to keep a relationship quiet for a while, but if this has been going on for a while, and her social media accounts aren’t a treasure trove of photos of the two of you, then there’s likely something more than just her wanting to keep quiet about dating you.

4. You feel as though something’s off. Your family and friends have already warned you against going out with this particular lady, but you decided to push through with pursuing her. Now you’re cottoning on to the possibility that she’s just not into you. Even if she’s trying to convince you otherwise, you feel there’s something lacking.

No one likes finding out they’re only being used, of course – so, naturally, you’d want to end the relationship as soon as possible. Moving on afterwards might prove difficult, but you’re sure to find ways, like relying on the Tasmania escorts you find online now and then for company, to make the transition a little easier.