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Secrets to Getting Her to Try Anal – Without Her Hating You

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Anal sex. For some women, it’s definitely a taboo. For others, it’s a possibly painful experience that they’d rather not go through. There are others – Tasmania escorts, for example – who are willing to try it if they trust their partners enough.

So what if you and your lovely partner have done the deed several times now, and you’re really curious about anal. Thing is, just bringing up the subject can seem difficult, no matter how long you’ve been together. It’s a good thing there are ways to do it so she won’t feel as if you forced her into trying out anal sex. Here’s a short guide to help you out.

1. Be casual and flirty, if you can manage. If you sound too serious, she might think that you’re forcing her to try anal because you’ll otherwise call your relationship quits. Instead, compliment her booty – tell her it looks sexy, or something similar – and mention how feeling it up against your groin turns you on. Then wonder, casually, what doing it in the back door might feel like.

As long as you let her know you’re just interested in experimenting with it, rather than it being a must-do, then you should be fine.

2. Test things out. Rather than jumping right into penetration, see how she reacts to something smaller going up her ass – a bullet vibrator, for example, or a finger. Trying some rimming action around there, or getting a small butt plug will also get her used to the feeling of something being in the back. This way, you gently open her up to the idea, and get her curious enough about the new sensations.

Never try the surprise approach, where you just lube up your dick and thrust into her ass. She’s going to be tense since she’s not expecting it, so it’ll be painful and will just put her off trying anal ever again. No girl will fall for the “I aimed wrong” excuse, so you really have no reason to ‘surprise’ her with anal.

3. Don’t forget safe sex. Even if you’re going in the back door, the rule about using condoms still applies, especially if you’re planning to go vaginal afterward. But don’t use the same condom; it has to be a different one, or she may end up getting a nasty infection. Obviously, you don’t want her to hold that over your head.

4. Go slow. Whether you’re with a long-term partner or one of the Tasmania escorts you can find and engage online, pausing when she needs you to do so is important. It can make you go crazy having to wait before you can thrust in a continuous rhythm, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. She may even surprise you by being the one to want anal sex now and then.

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