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3 More Sex Positions For Beginners

Tired of the same old missionary? Jush it up with positions that’ll make you love sex even more. Here are some positions you need to cross off your checklist: In Chair Suffice to say, you’ll need a comfy and sturdy chair for this. Armrests, optional. There are at least two variations to which you can […]

3 More Sex Positions That Offer Intense G-Spot Orgasms

Few female body parts have inspired, or spawned, as much debate as the – G-spot! Well, this elusive erogenous zone is what sex experts and many women say is located about a third of the way inside the vagina, on the front vaginal wall. And when this button-sized spot is properly stimulated, it can reportedly […]

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Top 6 Secrets to Texting Your Crush and Getting Her to Notice You

Nowadays, the easiest and perhaps most effective way to get someone’s attention – including your crush, resemblance to one of the Tasmania escorts you see online notwithstanding – is texting. No matter where she is, if there’s a working cell tower nearby, she’s sure to receive your message. You already know that texting has its […]

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