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Tasmania Escorts – New Study Reports That Selfless People Have More Sex

If you still believe that “nice guys finish last”, well I think you need to re-evaluate that worn-out belief, because according to a study conducted by The British Journal of Psychology, nicer people have much better sex, and they get more of it than those who aren’t so kind! Read on to find out why […]

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Tasmania Escorts – The 3 Things We Wished We Knew About Sex Before We Started Banging

Do you remember the very first time you had sex?  Well, I remember the first time my mom and dad talked to me about sex, and how they often reminded me to wear condoms, and don’t have unsafe sex. However, our parents, and even our teachers, forgot to tell us some of the quite unsavoury […]

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Tasmania Escorts – Red-haired Men Are Having More Sex Due to the “Ed Sheeran Effect”

Are you a redhead, or a red-haired guy?, if you say yes, then be very happy, for according to a survey conducted by NME, an online radio station in the UK, more red-haired dudes are having more sex these days, and this could be due to the (drum roll please….) “Ed Sheeran Effect”! Apparently Being […]

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